MINI Art Nights

Auto Industry, Lifestyle, Luxury

To create an action that would generate interest in spontaneous media and social media, and using this platform to communicate the concept of the MINI. MINI Art Nights - A cultural Happy Hour event, in which artists open their studios to guests and reveal their secrets.
Four artistic meetings with Gustavo Rosa, Edward Kobra, Mauricio Eça and Graciela Pinto who have generated artworks for an exhibition at Cidade Jardim Mall and final party with sale of the artworks a Glamurama Lounge.
People would arrive, put on aprons branded with Mini Art Nights, and paint canvasses, film videos, or painted graffiti alongside the artists.
We also had VIP mailing lists, local celebrities, and many potential clients. A wide media exposure approached the attributes art and creativity to the brand.
Several opinion makers attended the events, contributing to the visibility of the project. The income generated with the works was donated to the NGO Vida Jovem.

Client: BMW
Date: 10 de Agosto de 2018
Category: Auto Industry, Lifestyle, Luxury