MINI Island

Auto Industry, Lifestyle, Luxury

Announce the launch of the MINI Countryman in Brazil. Based on the motto of the campaign: GETAWAY; and the car’s fun spirit, we build an artificial island for the MINI to spent a season on display in the high seas.
We create an artificial island, in front of Jurere International (beach frequented by the target audience). A MINI Contryman on the Island and a woman sun tanning next to it.
The island became a reference point among tourists from Jurere beach and had great visibility in spontaneous media.
Many people took boats, jet skis, and even swam out to the island. This created lots of social media interaction as well.
The action was highlighted in the internal newspaper of the BMW Mini, which is shipped internationally to the leaders of all countries.

Client: BMW
Date: 10 de Agosto de 2018
Category: Auto Industry, Lifestyle, Luxury